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The Beginning of the End: The Prologue and Epilogues of Hungry Hill and The Glass-Blowers – A Lecture from the du Maurier International Conference, Le Mans.

In October, we brought you news of the first Daphne du Maurier International Conference, which took place in Le Mans, France, in 2019 and the associated journal, which has now been published after much delay caused principally by the pandemic.  Setara Pracha, who writes occasional pieces for the Daphne du Maurier website and is the author of The Pathology of Desire in Daphne du Maurier's Short Stories, published by Lexington Books earlier this year, wrote an article for us, updating us on the conference and the journal.  To look at these pieces again, please click here and then follow the link

We are delighted to be able to tell you that as a result of those recent articles, Eva Leung, one of the du Maurier experts to present a paper at the Le Mans Conference, contacted us and has agreed that we may publish her paper here at the Daphne du Maurier website.

The paper that Eva presented is called The Beginning of the End: the Prologue and Epilogues of Hungry Hill and The Glass-Blowers.  It provides us with an excellent insight into the two novels that Daphne du Maurier wrote, based on her own ancestors, with a broader look at how brilliantly Daphne opens and closes her work.  

Let me introduce you to Eva:

Eva Leung playing her harp

Eva Leung playing her harp

Eva Leung is currently a College Senior Lecturer at HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Community College.  She received her PhD in English from the University of Hong Kong, and her doctoral research is on the novels by Daphne du Maurier, with a particular focus on narratology and the relationship between the Tale and the Reader.  Her research interests include the novel, contemporary fiction, popular writing, creative writing, and women’s writing.

Outside of academia, she is a freelance harpist playing for a variety of events, including weddings, funerals/memorials, company events, birthday banquets, retirement parties, as well as other music projects.

Please click here to read Eva’s excellent paper:

November 2023.

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